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    Terms of Use

    The use of MobileandFun means that the user is subject to the terms and conditions in this official agreement. You will also be subject to the guidelines, conditions and terms of this website’s services that are applicable to them. MobileandFun also reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions if it should choose to do so in the future.


    It is advisable that the user read these conditions carefully before accessing the website. Browsing or accessing this website means that you are automatically in agreement to these terms.

    Using the Site

    The user confirms that he/she is at least 18 years of age or older and is visiting the site by being supervised by a parent or guardian. Since you are now subject to the terms and conditions of this website MobileandFun offers you a non exclusive and non transferable license to use the website by displaying it on your internet browser. However, the site only does so for the purpose that of exclusively shopping for items that this website has up for sale and not for any commercial purpose or use by a third party except if approval for it is sought from MobileandFun. Breaching this condition means a complete annulment of the aforementioned license that is granted to you by this website’s services.

    You may also not reproduce, put up for sale, distribute, lease, transmit, create other works from, modify, translate, disassemble, exploit this site or any section of it without getting explicit permission to do so from MobileandFun in writing or as permitted from the terms in the above paragraph. You may not use its services for any other businesses unless being allowed to by this website in advance. MobileandFun reserves the right to cancel accounts, refuse their services to customers and cancel orders without limitations if it feels that a customer has violated any of these conditions or has done something that might be detrimental to MobileandFun’s interests.


    Comments and Reviews

    Visitors are allowed to post comments, pictures, reviews, other content, send e-cards as well as other sorts of communication, suggestions, questions, comments or any other information. However, it is provided that the content is not obscene, illegal, threatening, defamatory, invades privacy policies, might result in infringement of intellectual property rights or might be harmful to any third party as well as doesn’t contain any software viruses, chain letters, mass mailing, spam or political campaigning. Mobileandfun reserves the right to extract or edit any such content.

    Customers are not to use any false email addresses or impersonate any other entity or person. They may not mislead to content or the location of a card.  MobileandFun does possess the right to remove such content if the need to do so arises.


    Patents and Copyright

    The content used on this website is the sole property of mobileandfun. This includes icons, images, audio clips, graphics, text and images. These are protected by copyright law and are the property of mobileandfun and its content suppliers. Using MobileandFun’s trademark without written or expressed consent is therefore strictly prohibited.


    Infringement Policy

    MobileandFun’s policy is to take action if needs be and to recognize all Federal, State and International Laws that can be applied against the infringement of any trademark, patent, copyright or any other sorts of Intellectual Property Laws. If the user feels that MobileandFun puts up for sale, sells or provides services and items that might breach his/her intellectual property rights then you can send the following information to bhip@mobileandfun.com –

      ● The location of the infringed material on the website

      ● Description of the alleged infringed upon material

      ● Your contact information such as your email address and telephone number

      ● A written claim that states that you have sufficient reason to believe that the alleged infringed material is not allowed to be infringed upon by copyright or a propriety law owner, law or its agent.

      ● Identification of the infringed material that you feel may have been infringed by the website with registered number, copyright and date of registry.

      ● A written claim by you that states that the above information is accurate and under penalty of fabrication, you are either the owner of the copyright or someone that is appointed to act on the owner’s behalf whose rights were infringed.


    Acceptance of Orders

    There might be some orders which we might be unable to accept and therefore must cancel. This is because mobileandfun reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to omit any order for any reason that it deems necessary.

    Reasons your order might get cancelled may include a depletion of stock for purchase, any discrepancies that are found by our fraud and credit department or any discrepancies in the product itself or its pricing info. Verification as well as additional information is also required before we process any order. We will be in touch if this is required of you or if any part of your order is cancelled.



    In the event that an item is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to an error in pricing or product information, MobileandFun has the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders placed for that item. In the event that an item is miss-priced, MobileandFun may either contact you for instructions or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation.



    All disputes with mobileandfun shall be submitted to confidential arbitration in Florida which will be conducted according to the Commission’s rules of arbitration, which shall be in effect the moment you apply for arbitration. The issues for dispute can be the products or services that are sold by mobileandfun or distributed by it. There must be one arbitrator. Please keep in mind that the arbitral award shall bind you as well as mobileandfun.