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    Drop Shipping

    As a registered customer of mobileandfun, you have the option to do drop shipping with us. This does not include any extra charges. All you have to do is to order online the same way you usually do but with different shipping addresses.

    Don’t worry, mobileandfun always checks for any fraud especially if the billing addresses differ from the shipping addresses. The new customer should make sure that his/her PayPal account is verified before he/she decides to drop ship.

    If any of your customers want to return a product or happen to have technical support problems, they would have to consult you directly since you have an account with mobileandfun.

    Mobileandfun does not send any publicity material, invoices or the like when it “drop-ships” any items. This is done to protect your reputation as a seller. This means that your own customers will not know where your goods came from or what you paid for them.

    You can profit a lot with drop shipping. Doing so will allow you to pin enough cash by your own self. Since we are your co partners, you will also be provided with free training and detailed instructions should you decide to drop ship with us.

    Normal tracking and communication services are handled by professional service representatives. We also offer VIP drop shipping. Being our reseller also means that you will get quicker and better service. Our systems automatically discount your purchases according to your purchase history.

    You will be updated on your promotion as well as be provided with the additional training and information for IT support.

    If you want to join drop shipping, you can contact us through our “Contact Us” page.

    Drop shipping works by purchasing an item from us and shipping it to your own customers. You do not have to buy any additional items from us until you have sold your item and collected the charges from your customer. The best part about this is that you can choose to order as much or as little orders as you like.

    As a mobileandfun drop ship vendor, it is your responsibility to inquire about any tax information and notify your customers about it. If you have designated any additional packaging or declaration instructions, mobileandfun will aid you by helping to shave off some of the tax burden.