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    Delivery Info

    Mobileandfun sells a wide variety of products and also offers free shipping for them. We always take the quality and delicacy of your ordered item into account. This is why we package each ordered product very carefully and make sure that it gets to you the same way. Additionally, shipping and delivery time is also included in the total time that you receive your order.


    The following is a list of preferred methods we offer:


    Types of Delivery

    It’s pretty simple really. As a default you will also be offered free shipping on checkout.

    Our shipping schemes include:


    Standard Airmail

    All of the items you order will be delivered to you via standard airmail. You will also be provided with your package’s tracking number if your order exceeds 39EU.


    Express Shipping

    You can also opt for express shipping if you want to. Please contact us if you would like to opt for this delivery method. We have partnered with a large number of reputable shipping companies (including DHL, EMS, FedEx, Swiss Post and UPS) so that you can rest assured knowing your packages are in safe hands. 


    All orders are susceptible to a 48 hours processing procedure for cleared payment unless specified otherwise. Please be advised that eChecks may take a little more time to clear. Regardless of this, you will receive a notification via your PayPal email address once your item(s) are on their way and which you will receive in 10-30 days. Your packages can be susceptible to delay due to strict customs inspection, freight delay or public holidays. Please be patient and wait for them.

    Our shipping costs do not include any duty taxes. However, you might be charged with an additional one on delivery according to your country’s rates.